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Gary Robinson

Video Interviewing - a few tips to help you succeed!

Video Interviews. We all know that they’ve become the norm during the pandemic, but not everyone is used to them, or indeed comfortable with them. Below are some key tips to help you succeed:

  • Check your backdrop. Make sure the area behind you is tidy and free from clutter. Remember, first impressions count! Lighting is also important. If you are doing the interview in the evening, make sure the room is well lit. Similarly, if your interview is during the day, ensure you are positioned so that the sun is not shining directly behind you - this will make it difficult for the interviewer(s) to see your face.

  • Choose a quiet room / area. It is important that you can concentrate on the interview without interruption or background noise. This may be difficult if you are working from home with young children and pets. If this is the case, explain this to the interviewer(s) at the beginning of the interview - they will understand!

  • Check your technology. If you are using a phone or tablet for the interview, make sure that your battery is fully charged beforehand. Additionally, check that both the audio and video are working before the interview. If you haven’t used the platform being used (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, for example), familiarise yourself with it before the interview.

  • Body language. As in a face to face interview, body language is critical. Position your camera at eye-level and look directly at the camera - this will ensure that you are maintaining “eye contact” with the interviewer(s). Remember to smile and nod during the interview - avoid the temptation to be rigid! You should also make sure that you are sitting comfortably and try not to fidget too much during the course of the interview.

  • Dress appropriately. You may have spent the majority of the last year wearing trackies and t-shirts, but it is important to ensure that you are making the right impression. Whilst most interviewers won’t expect you to be wearing full business attire, you should dress smartly. If in doubt, check with the recruiter that has arranged the interview beforehand.

  • Have a back up plan. We all know that technology that will fail from time to time. If your internet connection goes down, or there are problems with the video platform, make sure that the interviewer has a telephone number to contact you.

By following these basic tips, you’ll increase your chances of success. You should also still be undertaking the other activities necessary to succeed in an interview - research the company you are interviewing with, ensure that you have read and understand the job description and prepare the questions that you want to ask at the interview. It’s all about preparation!

If you would like some further assistance, please feel free to contact Gary Robinson at Talent365 - you’ll get him at / 01236 608383.

Good luck!