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Gary Robinson

Outplacement - why it is critical to support employees exiting your business.

These are difficult times for many companies and organisations. COVID-19 and Brexit have combined to create challenging trading conditions across many business sectors; with the end of the UK Government Job Retention Scheme fast approaching, a considerable number of employers are considering reductions in staffing levels.

It is critical that employees exiting a business feel that they have been treated fairly and communicated with clearly, in addition to being provided with comprehensive support in their search for alternative employment. Disgruntled ex-employees can quickly become disgruntled ex-customers - word of mouth spreads fast! If employees feel that they have been treated badly and left high and dry when exiting a business, the reputational damage and consequential effects on the bottom line can be costly.

Offering outplacement support, provided by independent career specialists, will often help to dispel any negative feelings that exiting employees may feel about a business. This support, typically provided via workshops and on a 1-2-1 basis, will focus on:

  • CV preparation
  • Job searching in the digital age
  • Networking
  • Transitioning careers
  • Preparing for interviews and interview performance
  • Formulating action plans

Providing tailored outplacement support solutions to employees exiting a business will go a long way in counteracting any negativity that they feel about their situation and the business.

Gary Robinson of Talent365 has provided outplacement support for over 10 years and has wider experience in the recruitment sector of over 25 years. If you would like to have a chat with Gary about how he could best support your organisation in supporting exiting employees, you can call him on 01236 608383 / 07930 542102 or email at